Cyndee Rasmussen Brings Back the Love For Handmade Accessories

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We live in a world where mass consumer products manufactured via automated means threaten to overwhelm the market. Fortunately, we still have the likes of Cyndee Rasmussen who remind us that, indeed, there is happiness to be found in owning and using handmade products.

Rasmussen is the brains behind Lovin Each Stitch, an entrepreneurial venture by the single mother borne from her then-newfound love for sewing handmade bags. It all started when she taught herself to sew, made a diaper bag because she needed one in time for the birth of her first daughter, and then sold her creations on social media, thanks in part to her friends’ strong encouragement.

Today, Lovin Each Stitch may still be a small operation but with Rasmussen’s dedication to the entrepreneurial venture, it may well become a bigger business. We love handmade accessories that speak to our personal style, add flair to our outfit of the day, and provide for practical benefits - and that’s exactly what Rasmussen strives for with each of her creations.

Rasmussen sells a wide range of handmade bags including handbags, tote bags, yoga bags, purses, messenger bags, diaper bags, stroller bags, wheelchair and walker bags, clutches, yarn project bags. Each bag has the stamp of her approval, thus, ensuring that her customer will also love every stitch that comes into it.

She also sells crocheted items like scarves, shrugs, cowls, and purses as well as unique jewellery pieces. These crocheted items are designed with the modern man and woman in mind so you will not find products that only your grandmother can wear, so to speak.

Rasmussen says that her most popular products are the Limelight Cowl, a Hunger Games-inspired crocheted item; the Phoenix Convertible Messenger Bag Set, which can be converted to fit the handles of strollers, wheelchairs and walkers; and the Stacey Messenger Bag Sets, which are reversible sling bags. Get one of your own now!

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